clusterYou know how they find certain areas have ‘clusters’? Like they find a neighborhood with a cluster of people with a certain type of cancer. I have noticed that certain areas have clusters of writers. What’s up with that? Do the writers gravitate to be near other writers or do certain areas inspire people to write? You find writers everywhere. It is just certain areas seem to have more. I am talking mystery writers in particular because they are the ones I am most familiar with. New York and Boston are obvious places to find writers and probably most gravitated there. But Maine? Chock full of writers! The Northeast in general is a bit heavy on writers. And North Carolina seems to have a disproportionate share of writers. As does Florida. But that could be because writers, like many others, like to retire to where it is warm. So that could be a gravitating to sort of thing but there are quite a few home grown ones as well. I wonder if I could convince someone to pay me to do a study on this?







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