I’m so over it.

I’m bored.

Because I paint/draw, people often asked me why I didn’t get a job that required me to paint or draw. Well, because then it would be a job. I would have to do it. It would no longer be a pleasure.

It is the same with the internet. I remember when I got my first computer back in 1995 or 1996. It was so exciting. I would be up half the night exploring the internet.  Now? I am SO over it.

I’m not a person. I’m a brand. It didn’t just start with the book. I’ve been a brand for a long time. When I started selling real estate, I had to get my name out there. It was fun when it was print and TV ads. I designed my own ads and used my son in them. We both enjoyed it. Old ladies used to call the agency and say, “I want the lady with the cute little boy.” But then the last few years that wasn’t enough. Print advertising in real estate is pretty much almost dead. You had to blog about it. Have a newsletter. I loved selling real estate. I love to write. Writing about real estate? Not so much. Of course there were services you could hire. But then you put out the same product as hundreds of other agents. Plus my son got older. He was still cute but not little. And teenage girls don’t buy a lot of houses. About that time my knees gave out. Running up and down the stairs showing a triple decker tenement was not that much fun.

Now that I have a book out and several more in the pipeline, I’m a brand again. So I have to tweet and Facebook and now there is the Facebook fan page (please go like it ) and of course the blogging. Then there in Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, She Writes, Book Blogs, all the Facebook groups, all the Yahoo groups… It goes on and on and on. I like to blog because it is writing. And writing a post sort of kick starts me to work on the book. But the rest? It is all so tedious.

What happened to the fun? I was staring at my laptop screen and wondering about that. There was absolutely not one single thing I could think of that I wanted to do on the internet. The fun is gone. I still have to use it. But now it is a job. I have truly come to the end of the Internet.

the end

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