Until I get a chip planted in my brain, there is SCAPPLE

I’m not one of those bloggers who does product reviews or endorsements for money. I mean seriously, do people read them and believe them? I know I don’t, never even read them. Of course someone is going to say something good if you pay them to. But for all you readers who are writers, I am going to tell you about something I found and I love. I have no association with the company. They don’t know I am doing this. And if you buy it, I don’t make a penny. (If an ad happens to appear on the bottom of the post, I have no control over that since I have the free version of WordPress and sometimes an ad appears because of words in the post.)

Writers are always looking for something that makes their lives easier. The thing everyone raves about the most at the moment is Scrivener. I tried it. I don’t get it. I didn’t just get the free download, I bought it when they had it at half price on Amazon. I was going to take a class about it when a writers’ group offered it locally. But there was a blizzard and I missed out. I am no good at online tutorials. So maybe another class will come along and I will finally understand what everyone is raving about. Mind you, there are things about it I like. The corkboard and the index cards appeal to me. Because I have scenes occur to me or snippets of a conversation. When I am not actually sitting there writing. I used to jot them in a notebook. Or if in front of the computer, on a Post-it note on my desktop. Then I gather all those things together when I sit down to write. (I’m very disorganized. No nicely planned outlines here.) So using that one little part of Scrivener hardly made it worth my while. And it isn’t as easy as notes on paper.

But the creators of Scrivener, Literature and Latte, have a new product called Scapple. It is perfect for a scatterbrain like me and it was only $14.99. You get an idea and make a note. Another idea, another note. Some may connect and you draw a line between them. I have separate notes saved for each book. I can color code things. Everything about it appeals to me because it is just like when I took notes on paper:

scapple screen shot

It is perfect for nonlinear thinkers such as myself. And if I ever do learn to use Scrivener, I understand you can just drag your notes into it. But for now, I am very happy with Scapple. There is a free 30 day trial – I knew after one day that I wanted it. And that is 30 days of use, not 30 calendar days. Use it today, one day. Don’t use it again for a week, day two. So you’ve nothing to lose and plenty of time to try.

Of course I am still waiting to have a chip installed to capture my ideas and then download them when I need them!!!

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